Scott Brass. A dedication to serving our Customers

Scott Brass, is a privately held entity which acquired the assets of the former Scott Brass, Inc in March 2009. 

The company operates as a re-roller of copper, brass, and bronze, targeting the electronics, electrical, hardware, and jewelry industries. While it is fundamentally a new entity, much has not changed.

o       You can still expect a quality product.

o       You can still expect timely deliveries.

o       You can still expect competitive prices with no minimums.

o       You can still expect solid customer service

Our company credo is simple: "We'll find a way." Our management structure is not multi-layered. The rank-and-file have day-to-day, open, cooperative contact with all levels of management. The result is a free flow of information and ideas that yield quick and resourceful solutions to your needs. The fact is, we will do whatever it takes to help our customers succeed. It is one reason why you can count on Scott Brass to deliver made-to-order, tight specification products in half the time required by other mills.

One of the secrets to our success is the fact that we focus on our customers' requirements and deliver a level of service our competition finds hard to match.


Excellence in every industry we serve

As fashion trends change, Scott Brass responds. The apparel industry's use of copper and brass alloys for buttons, snap fasteners, buckles, and mechanical closures has never been greater. To meet the demand for absolute quality, we have instituted process controls that ensure ease in forming, plating capability, and accurate aesthetic color range.

The versatility and color range of brass and bronze alloys allow Scott to provide the custom jewelry industry with the look of gold on a far more cost-effective basis. Our ability to produce alloys 210, 220, 226, 230, 260, 268 and 272 gives us a wide range of colors and enables us to meet the demands of the most discriminating jewelry manufacturer on time, and on budget. Dimensional accuracy and detail are critical properties in defining quality. Copper alloys manufactured at Scott Brass are preferred for their excellent malleability and low cost. And we provide better than commercial gauge tolerances to ensure a product that will be richly detailed and of the highest quality.

Scott's Microfinish copper and brass base alloy strip enables our customers to reduce polishing costs, produce a brighter finish, and minimize scrap. Due to our rolling capabilities, Scott Brass can provide up to 500 PIW coils, which further increases productivity by reducing machine downtime. If you are a manufacturer of lock hardware, doorknobs, kick plates, doorjambs, plumbing goods, escutcheons, sink strains, decorative wall plates, brass planters, fireplace accessories, lanterns, picture frames, or any product that requires durability, thermal conductivity, and ease of forming and joining, come to Scott Brass.

The growth and success of the electronics industry hinges in large part on the availability of copper-base alloy strip manufactured to tolerances that are tighter than currently defined by many national and international standards. In keeping ahead of our competition, Scott Brass produces strip products to less than many of these standard tolerances.


Our continuous testing and documentation of work-in-process enables us to meet or exceed customer specifications for tight tolerances in critical applications of gauge, width, temper, and grain.

Meeting tight Specifications

The additional demands of electronics and electrical technology for more efficient and complex components require us to invest constantly in new equipment and modernized technology to keep ahead of our competition and to provide the capabilities the industry mandates. Our Microfinish rolling mills and the finest quality Vollmer contact gauges and SPC reporting systems enable us to continually monitor production and deliver a consistent level of tight tolerance quality that many companies simply cannot achieve.

Our Annealing Department is set up with fully computer-controlled furnaces for consistent batch-to-batch results.

Our laser mikes further insure that we meet precise width specification by monitoring width tolerances with the assistance of computerized data reports.


Packaging and Shipping

Scott's strip products are customized to meet your specific packaging requirements, taking special care to protect strip finish. We offer a wide range of sizes in typical pancake coils, up to 500 pounds per inch of width, as well as traverse wound spools of 500, 1,000, and 2,000 pounds. Our traverse wound material gauge range is from .007" to .065". The width range is from .250" to 2.0". Additionally, we have edge conditioning capability to provide deburred or contoured edges. Consult our mill with your special edge requirements.
Mission Statement

In order to achieve our Vision, Scott Brass is committed to the following:
Scott Brass' Mission is to provide top-quality, on-time products that completely satisfy our customers' expectations. We believe our first responsibility is to the customers who use our products and services. Our strong financial position and capability to control our own destiny will enable us to continue our long-standing relationships and enter new ones that prove mutually beneficial for years to come. In carrying out our day-to-day business, we strive to:
  •  treat our employees honestly, fairly, and with integrity;
  •  follow the philosophy that "Our Customers Are Our Future"; and
  •  be considered as a contributor to our community.
  • Through a long-term commitment to this Mission, we will be known as a Company that succeeds not just survives. Our customers, vendors, and employees will see Scott Brass as a continuing opportunity to form a successful partnership.